UK’s Greener Jobs Alliance Heralds Committee on Climate Change Report

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The UK’s Green Jobs Alliance, a close counterpart of ACW, is extolling the independent Committee on Climate Change’s recent publication, noting, “This [CCC] report will change your life…”

In a statement, the Greener Jobs Alliance said,


The UK must end its contribution to global warming with a new target of net zero emissions by 2050, the independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC) told the government on 2 May And for the first time ever in an official report, the government is told to deliver a Just Transition for workers and their communities.


The 2050 target date for zero emissions will disappoint many demonstrating across the UK. But the committee’s call for a Just Transition across many sectors of the economy looks very much like a new industrial strategy for a Zero Carbon Britain. It should now reinforce this message by setting up a Just Transition Advisory Group, with union representation from the industrial, energy, public and voluntary sectors.