ACW Co-Investigator Marjorie Griffin Cohen named Chair of BC Fair Wages Commission

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SFU professor emeritus and ACW project co-investigator Marjorie Griffin Cohen has been tasked by the BC Government to move the province to a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

Cohen, an economist, will chair the three-person Fair Wages Commission, Labour Minister Harry Bains announced on October 5. The other panelists are Ivan Limpright, the current president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 1518; and Ken Peacock, the vice-president and chief economist of the Business Council of B.C.

The panel has 90 days to produce a report on how the province should transition to a $15-an-hour minimum wage. Marjorie Griffin Cohen told reporters that that panelists will determine how the commission will gather input from workers, businesses, and the public during a consultation process, which could involve travelling the province.

The NDP campaigned on a $15 minimum by 2021 during the recent election.

Marjorie Griffin Cohen is involved closely in the Adapting Canadian Work and Workplaces to Respond to Climate Change (ACW) project, based at York University. Her edited book, Climate Change and Gender in Rich Countries Work, was published recently by Routledge.