California Labour Council Supports Green New Deal

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San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council Resolution in Support of a Green New Deal with Strong Labor Provisions


The San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council, ALF-CIO “will advocate for a Green New Deal with strong labor provisions in concert with our environmental and community partners” as a result of the resolution that was adopted on January 23, 2019.

The Labor Network for Sustainability, an ACW partner organisation, is in support of the Green New Deal and is mentioned in the resolution as having “passed resolutions and/or supported bold policies to address the climate crisis and other pressing environmental issues” along with other labour organisations.

The adopted resolution includes support and advocacy for stronger labour provisions. These labour provisions include a Green New Deal that:

  • “…includes a fair and equitable Just Transition for workers impacted by a transitioning economy including a fund to provide severance packages, lifetime income, free education and family healthcare;”
  • “…expands collective bargaining and ensures the creation of union jobs through card check neutrality agreements, prevailing wages, project labor agreements, enacting the provisions of the Employee Free Choice Act and requiring direct partnerships with joint labor-management apprenticeship programs;”
  • “…[prioritizes] projects, union career opportunities and investments in working-class, low-income and communities of color historically and disproportionality impacted by pollution, high unemployment, poverty and environmental injustice;”
  • “…includes Buy America provisions.”

The resolution reinforces that the labour movement needs to be involved in climate action to ensure the protection of workers: “…if climate action is to address inequality, the labor movement must be at the center of shaping climate policies to include just transition for workers, expand collective bargaining rights and create green union careers, particularly in disadvantaged communities.”


Download the Resolution (PDF)