Solar Panels Will Move Forward in 2018, Predicts ACW expert

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ACW Co-investigator Warren Mabee of Queen’s University expects more advances in solar panel development in 2018.

“This is a sector that’s growing faster than any of the other energy sectors out there,” he told the CBC. “It’s going to continue moving forward.”

Record cheap electricity is transforming world energy markets as Canada struggles to keep up, reports the CBC. But Mabee is also looking for 2018 to provide key advances in solar panel development as the industry inches closer to grid parity — the point at which it might be cheaper for people to generate electrons on their roof than to buy electrons from a utility.

“It might not happen next year, but we’re moving closer and closer,” he said. “That’s going to be a hugely disruptive moment in the Canadian power industry.”

Warren Mabee is Canada research chair in renewable energy development and implementation at Queen`s University in Kingston, Ont.


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