ACW Factsheet: Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canadian Forestry


Energy use and emissions created by different stages of manufacturing

It is an interesting time to be looking at the topic of emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Canadian forestry, as 2015 marks the target year, announced in 2007, by which the forest industry had planned to achieve industry-wide carbon neutrality without the purchase of offsetting carbon credits. Whether this goal has been achieved will not be known until late 2016.

Overall, the industry is found to have improved immensely in its emissions intensity, as BC Federation of Labour Executive Director Jim Chorostecki has pointed out. Three trends are highlighted here: fuel switching, improved energy efficiency, and energy systems optimization.

Forestry remains a significant contributor to the Canadian economy. The combination of harvesting, wood manufacturing, and paper manufacturing contributed nearly $20 billion (roughly 1.25%) to Canadian GDP in 2014.


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