Gentrification is Environmental Racism

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Excellent Meeting today at the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)‘s Executive Council meeting, chaired by their new President Patty Jarvis Coates. Ahmad Gaied, Secretary-Treasurer OFL, and Christopher Wilson, 1st Vice-President CBTU reported on the partnership between CBTU Ontario, Canada, and the OFL to put the pressure on governments at all levels to understand that: gentrification is environmental racism.



A new Legacies of Labour poster series and media campaign has been released demanding affordable housing for all. Janice Gairey is profiled in the campaign in recognition of her lifelong commitment to the elimination of anti-black racism, Islamophobia and racial inequality in all its forms.


Text CBTU to 647-797-9901 to get involved in this fight!  This project is in celebration of African Liberation and Black History Month.

For more information or to download the Generations of Justice campaign poster visit