After Paris: Politics, Climate Change & Labour

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An ACW-W3 International Panel. Toronto, November 13, 2015.

Canada’s surprise election of a majority government promising to return Canada to the world struggle to slow global warming, puts the state front and centre for the first time in years. Elsewhere, the political terrain for slowing global warming is also changing rapidly. Legal activism in the Netherlands and Pakistan challenges states to live up to their responsibility to protect their population from the devastation of global warming. Labour-environmental alliances are linking environment and labour law, and crafting collective bargaining ways to reduce GHGs at work.

Order of Presentations:

  • Welcome, Rafael Gomez, University of Toronto, and Carla Lipsig-Mummé, York University
  • The Urgenda Climate Case and It’s Consequences, Roger Cox, Urgenda
  • State of Federal and Provincial Climate Policy: Prospects for Paris and Beyond, Bruce Campbell, CCPA
  • Characteristics of green jobs related to renewable energy deployment, Warren Mabee, Queen’s University
  • COP 21, Canada’s Climate Commitment & Decarbonization, Josephine Yam, Environmental Law Centre (Alberta)
  • Going Green at Work, Sarah Pearce, UNISON
  • Green Unions at Work, Gordon Laxer, Parkland Institute
  • Labour and Climate Change, Larry Brown, NUPGE
  • Question & Answer – International Panel